Acerca Hospitality


Balancing guest experience and profitability


We are a white-label hotel operator and franchisee focused on return on investment. We have worked for investment funds, developers, family offices, high-net worth individuals and REITS

We provide value through revenue management and operational efficiencies to increase the flow-through of the hotel

Our team has managed over 8,700 rooms over the past 20 years  

Acerca is currently under contract to manage 1,800 rooms 

Our hotel management contracts are aligned to the objectives of our clients

"White-label operator and brand franchisee"

revenue management

We focus on optimizing all revenue sources supported by state-of-the art analytical tools and a sound platform

Revenue management requires a deep understanding of the demand to optimize market segmentation mix and rates

We monitor the guest journey and each touch point to optimize pockets of value

Examples include a re-opening of a hotel achieving 90% occupancy in 90 days. Implementing upselling practices to bear a 5% increase in Revpar in three months. 

We achieve a 10% increase in ADR through optimizing the channel distribution mix with proper demand understanding 

"We monitor the guest journey to find value"

cost efficiencies

We drive cost efficiencies through planning, benchmarking and monitoring, with an entrepreneurial approach

We leverage on internal resources and economies of scale for the benefit of our hotel owners

We managed to maintain profitable operations during Covid

We successfully introduced energy efficiency measures with an 18-month pay-back period

We partner with key technology players to reduce long term operational costs through efficiencies  

"Highly entrepreneurial
approach to costs"

"Efficient operations tailored to guest experience"

guest experience

Providing a superb guest experience is the foundation of hotel performance

We train our personnel to the highest standards of customer care and we use state-of-the art processes and procedures

We drive profitability through operational excellence

We won multiple prestigious awards such as: the Traveler Review award (from for more than 5 consecutive years, the World Travel Award, the Sustainability Tourism Award and the World Luxury Hotels Award –  Luxury Modern Hotel in the Middle East for 2018

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