Acerca Hospitality


Aligning interests of owners and operators


We are experts in creating value by managing the relationship between hotel investors and hotel operators throughout the investment life-cycle

We have worked with some of the leading global brands such as Hyatt, Barceló, Millennium, Marriott, Wyndham or Ascott

We ensure financial and operational efficiency of every hotel in its niche market with a close interaction with and monitoring of the operator

"We prioritize value creation throughout the investment life cycle"


Guests demand differentiation and experiences. We treat every hotel independently with new concepts tailored to the specific target client needs

Through market research, we constantly look for new concepts that provide a headway against competitors

We have repositioned more than 800 rooms in Spain and 11,100 rooms internationally

We were shortlisted in the Awards Hospitality Experience And Design (AHEAD) in 2018 in the Event Spaces category. AHEAD is a world-class award. It rewards the combination of cutting-edge design with guest experience in their hospitality projects

We reposition hotels through a combination of positioning, intelligent capex, revenue management and operational excellence

"Positioning, differentiation, experience"

brand selection

We are brand agnostic

We select the most suitable operator for every hotel. We focus on the best match for the specific hotel, category and location

We have managed the shift from local to international brands of 2,400 rooms. Additionally, we have worked with some of the top brands on F&B and SPA brands

"Matching the right brand with the right asset"

"Continuous competitor benchmarking in search of excellence"

asset monitoring

Our approach is to optimize performance through our constant monitoring of operations and, application of industry’s best practice.

We ensure that the operator implements the best channel segmentation and pricing strategy along with proper cost efficiencies

Our proprietary analysis is supported on STR, OTA insight, Price seeker, HotStats and others complemented with local insight


Correct, accurate and ample availability and analysis supports our decisions

We are a bridge between the hotel industry and the finance industry  

We view reporting as a critical tool to constantly re-asses performance to achieve the investor´s objectives

We have successfully introduced changes to leading brands in their reporting to suit our demanding data needs

Our team has hands-on experience in introducing BI systems and ensuring that the data is accurate in every touch point

"What can´t be measured,
can´t be managed"


We bring  extensive experience in managing large investment programmes

We initiate the journey of Capex by creating a positioning through story telling and identifying our target client

Through this narrative, we work with designers to create the “wow” effect through intelligent capex. We plan investments according to asset repositioning requirements and target returns

Our team has managed a total Capex over 1.2 billion euros in Europe, US, LatAm and Middle East. We have also been involved in the space planning of the world´s tallest hotel 

Execution on budget and time is our mantra

"A capex journey through
storytelling, smart designing
and execution"

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